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Buy Signalling and Controlling Products Online

Buy Signalling and Controlling Products Online

Buy Signalling and Controlling Products Online through ElectriHub, your online e-commerce store for electrical switchgears and automation products. We also have a wide range of signalling and controlling products on our website. Choose your desired products in our Signalling and Controlling category range. We have introduced the best brands for switchgears products on our website and offer the best discounts for products.

What are Signalling and Controlling Products?

Signalling and controlling products in electricals refer to a diverse range of devices and components designed to facilitate effective communication, monitoring, and management of electrical systems and industrial processes. These products play a crucial role in ensuring safety, efficiency, and optimal performance in various applications.

Range of Signalling and Controlling Products

  • Buzzer: A buzzer is an electronic device that emits a sharp and repetitive sound. It's commonly used to provide audible alerts, notifications, or warnings in various applications, such as alarms, timers, and industrial machinery. Buzers are designed to be attention-grabbing and are often used to indicate the completion of a task or the occurrence of an event. They come in different sizes and tones, offering a simple and effective way to convey information through sound.
  • Control Transformer: Control transformer is a type of transformer specifically designed to provide voltage regulation and isolation for control circuits in electrical systems. It is commonly used to step down or step up voltage levels to match the requirements of various control devices, such as relays, solenoids, timers, and sensors. Control transformers ensure stable and reliable voltage supply to these components, helping to prevent voltage fluctuations and maintain proper functioning. They play a crucial role in maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of control systems in industrial applications.
  • Current Transformer (CT): Current Transformer is a crucial component in electrical systems used to measure and monitor alternating current (AC). It operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction, where the primary current flowing through a conductor induces a proportional current in the secondary winding. CTs are widely employed for current measurement, protection relays, metering, and energy management. By converting high currents into smaller, manageable levels, current transformers ensure accurate measurements and safe operation of electrical equipment and systems.
  • Indicating Lamp: Indicating lamp is a small visual indicator with a colored lens that emits light when activated. It's commonly used in industrial settings to show the status of machines, equipment, or processes. Different colors convey different meanings, such as green for "on," red for "off" or "fault," and yellow for "warning." Indicating lamps provide quick and easy visual information, aiding in monitoring and decision-making.
  • Limit Switch: Limit switch is a compact device used to detect the presence or position of an object by physically interacting with it. It consists of an actuator and contacts that open or close when the actuator is activated. Limit switches are widely used in industrial automation to control machinery, safety systems, and processes. They ensure accurate positioning, prevent over travel, and trigger actions based on the detected object's position.
  • Power Supply Unit: Power supply unit (PSU) is an essential component in electronic devices that converts incoming electrical power into the appropriate voltage and current needed to operate the device. It provides a stable and regulated power source to ensure proper functionality of electronic components. Power supply units are commonly used in computers, appliances, industrial equipment, and various electronic devices. They play a crucial role in delivering reliable power for smooth operation and preventing damage from power fluctuations.
  • Push Button: Push button is a small switch that you press to activate a specific function. It's used in various devices to control actions like turning on/off, starting processes, or signaling alerts. Push buttons are common in machines, electronics, and appliances for user-friendly control. They are available in different shapes, colors, and designs to suit different applications.
  • Selector Switch: Selector switch is a compact control element for choosing various modes or functions. It offers easy toggling between different settings in equipment and machinery, enhancing user control and system versatility. Found in control panels and devices, selector switches contribute to efficient and precise operation by allowing quick adjustments to specific modes or options.
  • Sensor: Sensors are high-tech tools that detect and measure things like temperature, light, and motion. They turn these into electrical signals, helping machines understand and react to their surroundings. From factories to smartphones, sensors make things smarter and safer.
  • Timer Electronic: Electronic timers are digital devices that keep track of time intervals. They're versatile tools used in various applications, such as controlling machinery, lighting, or appliances. Electronic timers offer precision and flexibility, automating processes and enhancing efficiency.

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  1. Why choose ElectriHub for Signalling and Controlling Products online?

    ElectriHub offers a wide range of high-quality Signalling and Controlling Products for electrical switchgears and automation. Our platform provides access to top brands, ensuring reliable products at the best prices. Transform your industrial operations with our comprehensive selection and exclusive discounts.

  2. What are Signalling and Controlling Products in electricals?

    Signalling and Controlling Products encompass a diverse array of devices designed to communicate, monitor, and manage electrical systems and industrial processes. These products enhance safety, efficiency, and performance across various applications.

  3. What types of Signalling and Controlling Products are available at ElectriHub?

    At ElectriHub, we offer a variety of Signalling and Controlling Products, including Buzzer, Control Transformer, Current Transformer, Indicating Lamp, Limit Switch, Power Supply Unit, Push Button, Selector Switch, Sensor, and Timer Electronic. Explore our range for your specific requirements.

  4. How do Buzzer products contribute to various applications?

    Buzzer products emit distinct audible alerts, making them valuable for alarms, timers, and machinery. Their attention-grabbing sound serves as a signal for task completion or event occurrence, enhancing communication and awareness.

  5. What is the role of Control Transformers in electrical systems?

    Control Transformers regulate voltage for control circuits, matching the needs of devices like relays, solenoids, timers, and sensors. They ensure stable voltage supply, preventing fluctuations that could disrupt the operation of control components.

  6. How do Limit Switches contribute to industrial automation?

    Limit Switches detect object presence or position, facilitating precise control and safety in machinery and automation systems. They trigger actions based on the detected position, ensuring accurate positioning and preventing over travel.

  7. What are the functions of Push Buttons in devices?

    Push Buttons activate specific functions, controlling actions like power on/off or signaling alerts. They enhance user control and are commonly used in machines, electronics, and appliances.

  8. What is the role of Sensors in various applications?

    Sensors detect and measure factors like temperature, light, and motion, converting them into electrical signals. They play a crucial role in making devices smarter and safer by enabling interaction with the surroundings.

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